3 Signage Needs To Enhance Dental and Medical Experiences

Whether you are opening up a new dental or medical facility, or simply looking to give your current one a face-lift, signage often isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about patient experience. Those working directly in the practice are so familiar with their brand and facilities, that they often overlook the value and impact a few simple signs can make. Here are our top 3 ways to use signage to enhance patient experience:

Exterior Signage

This is 100% absolutely critical if you want to attract new patients and have them return. Surprisingly, however, this is still often overlooked. 

Most dental and medical patients live within a convenient drive to their primary practice, meaning that they are likely driving past the office on the way to work, school, or their daily errands. As such, they are consciously and unconsciously making judgments as they pass– that is, if they even know your practice exists. Make sure you have eye-catching exterior signage to let new patients know that there is a conveniently located and exceptional dental or medical service right in their area. 

A sleek high-quality exterior sign can draw new patients and ease their first-visit anxieties. By choosing something sleek and high-quality, you are automatically creating a first impression that correlates with high-quality experience and service. 

Navigation Signage 

Similarly, if you are in a multi-office complex or multi-story building, navigation signage that navigates your patients from door to door will make their first impression much less nerve wracking. 

How many times have you pulled up to a medical complex and just seen a bunch of dull, brick buildings that are all indistinguishable? Was there a moment of panic that you might walk into the wrong office? Don’t put your patients through a hidden-camera game show where they need to guess behind which door is your practice. Some buildings may already provide a directory with suite numbers, but a branded logo with arrows that navigate directly to your office makes your practice stand out that much more. 

The same goes for key information inside your office. Including signage about where to check-in, check-out, find the restroom, patient rooms, and more help new patients feel more at ease from those common visitor anxieties. 

As simple as it may sound, these signs to the left, made for a family medical practice to denote room name and number, can help patients feel much less turned around when navigating your back offices. 

Waiting Room

Adding decorative signage to your waiting room is another way to make an impactful first impression while emphasizing your brand. A large, bold sign above the receptionist desk adds polished professionalism to your space. A popping wall-mounted sign featuring your practice’s slogan, logo, core values, or even just a cheery quote can also accentuate the space and make an often-times gray experience feel much more human and vibrant.

The first sign below, from an optometry practice, was created as a large, eye-catching decor piece to add vibrancy to bare waiting room walls, while the later was used in a group of three to convey and communicate the practice’s core mission, vision, and values. 


With a few simple signage updates, your dental and medical practice will be able to attract new attention, improve overall patient experience, and better build a crisp, polished, and professional brand. We hope our blog post has sparked a few ideas on how to get started, and here at Skyline Laser, we are happy to help guide you through the process. 

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