Behind the Scenes: How Is My Sign Made?

Behind the Scenes: How Is My Sign Made?

By hand, by us! Here’s the quick rundown on our process:

1. It starts with a conversation! You submit your design to us. We create a proof for approval before your sign goes into production.

2. Once approved, your design is moved into production! We laser cut each piece of your logo and collect all pieces in one place in preparation for assembly.

3. After your logo is cut, the pieces then move to our painting and staining area. Depending on your chosen finish, we may need to either hand or spray paint the pieces for your design. Then let them dry!

4. We then take all the pieces into our assembly space! For signs we assemble in-house, we use a laser cut stencil to ensure precise placement – this is the same kind of stencil we provide customers with so that they can easily mount their sign!

5. Lastly, we carefully wrap and pack your custom sign, with a little small business love, so that it makes its way to you looking as fresh as it does when it leaves our hands.

Aaaaaand viola! Your custom Skyline Laser sign is ready to ship and anxiously awaits installation in its new home!

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