frequently asked questions


When will my order ship?

Most orders are shipped 3 weeks after receipt of order unless otherwise specified. Orders can be expedited with a rush shipment at checkout. Please contact customer service at for any shipping questions or needs.

How will my order ship?

US Shipments are via UPS Ground, shipping from Malvern, PA 1935.

International shipments are via DHL or UPS and we will work with the customer to provide best shipment options for their country. Please reach out to us at if you require international delivery.

What is your return and refund policy?

All of our items are custom made to your exact specifications. Should you be unhappy with your purchase, we promise to work with you to to make your item exactly as you wished it would be. We do offer refunds in extreme circumstances, but will do everything to correct your issue before a refund is needed.

Materials 101

Overwhelmed with possibilities? Use our handy guide to walk you through which material options are best for you, or contact us directly to curate your perfect combination!

  • Acrylic

    Interior or exterior use

    • Matching edges
    • Glossy, smooth, slightly reflective finish
    • Bright, glamorous, and has an excellent "wow" factor!
  • Wood

    Interior use only

    • Black edges
    • Matte, satin, slightly textured finish
    • Classic and versatile for many styles.
    • Photographs beautifully and easily
  • Clear

    Transparent (see through)

    • Fully transparent with a glossy, smooth, slightly reflective finish
    • A great option when you'd like to see the wall behind your sign, while still adding dimension
  • Frosted

    Translucent (cloudy)

    • Partially transparent with a cloud, matte, slightly textured finish
    • Gorgeous in any environment and photographs beautifully and easily
  • White

    Opaque (solid)

    • Opaque white with a glossy, smooth, slightly reflectinve finish
    • Popular in professional settings and offices because of its clean, bright esthetic.
  • Mirrored Acrylic

    Fully-reflective mirror finish

    • Very reflective, just like a real mirror
    • Matching edges
    • Luxurious, glamorous, and has an excellent "wow" factor
  • Brushed Plastic

    Semi-reflective, faux metal finish

    • A plastic with a glossy brushed texture, meant to mimic real metal
    • Black edges
    • Great for sophisticated, professional, refined settings
  • Painted Wood

    Non-reflective, satin, glimmering finish

    • Bright, metallic painted wood
    • Matching edges
    • Photographs beautifully and easily