At Skyline, we understand small business, because we are one.

The Skyline family business goes back to 1995. Skyline Drive was the name of the street where our founder, Emily, and her siblings grew up, and about to become the identity of the family business. Over two decades later, the name has taken on a new meaning for us, as the Skyline Laser brand was born in 2018. 

A skyline is where the sky meets the earth. As custom sign makers, that’s exactly where we meet you – at the horizon – to help bring your ideas to light.

Whether you are celebrating a new baby or a new business, the sky’s the limit for what we can create together.

Meet Our Team

Meet the amazing faces behind your custom sign, and the heart and soul of Skyline Laser.

  • Emily, Founder

    Started an Etsy shop on a whim one day, and is still in awe that it has grown into this *legit* business.

  • Mike, Customer Experience

    The friendly face that answers any and all of your product inquiries. He's everyone's best friend. 

  • Erik, Lead Laser Expert

    Operates not 1, not 2, but THREE lasers at the same time. Wow.

  • Maria, Lead Sign Artist

    Joined Skyline in the beginning stages, and has played a hugely important role in building it into what it is today.

  • Gabby, Sign Artist

    The most talented painter and general craftswoman we've ever known.

  • Foster, Graphic Designer

    A true digital artist who works with you to create your perfect sign design.

  • "Big" Mike, Woodworking Specialist

    The guy you can thank when you receive your smooth-like-butter wooden Skyline sign. 

  • Rosie, Morale Booster

    Alerts the team for any incoming or outbound packages. Will accepts treats as tips for her hard work.

  • Winston, Morale Booster

    Rosie's second in command and team morale booster. All bark, no bite.